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Deolan Security

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Security is our top priority. Deolan can help you streamline
and speed up implementation of your API-PNR projects.
Our integration platform lets you manage all data flows
with a single link.

Achieve measurable cost savings on your API-PNR projects

Single link
With Deolan API-PNR Platform you benefit from a single point of contact for all of your transmission and certification projects.

Quick implementation
Our team takes care of all your certification processes to comply with different Authorities specificities. Deolan solution provides a fast implementation and future maintenance needs.

Cost effective
Deolan API-PNR platform uses state of the art and modern transmission modes. You will remove all of your type-B messages related to security saving significant costs.

Reliable workflows

Quality control
Data collected by Deolan are screened, cleaned and re-formatted to ensure 100% quality before the transmission. Deolan API-PNR Platform generates pre-flight alerts and notifications in the event of missing or incorrect data.

Guarantee of success
Deolan API-PNR Platform understands and treats messages returned by Authorities servers. Our dedicated team provides full support 24/7 to achieve the highest quality of service level.

A trusted third party

Secure hosting
Our solution gives you a high level of data security with our servers located in Europe.

Sensitive data from distributors and airlines are managed separately. Each provider defines accessibility and storage rules and keep control of their data.